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Minor League Photo Day

Monday June 17th, 2013

As the Minor league All-Star games are about to beginning I figured this was as good of a time as any to update the Diamondbacks top 20 prospects list. After two moths of the MiLB season some prospects are starting to strive in the minors, while unfortunately some prospects have taken a step back in their progression. It can be the breakout of RHP Archie Bradley becoming arguably baseball’s biggest pitching prospect, or other prospects who aren’t performing on their expected level. With that in mind here is my ranking of the Arizona Diamondbacks Mid-Season top 20 prospects including 2013 draft picks. The process of completing this list I used scouting reports from pro, and armature scouts, as well as my own judgement to make this list. Enjoy.

1.) Archie Bradley RHP (A+, AA) – 2013 Stats: 14 GS, 1.42 ERA, 82.2 IP, 36 BB, 97 K, .202 avg. Archie Bradley has taken the Minor leagues by storm in 2013 following his so, so 2012 full season debut. Bradley uses his plus, plus fastball that sits 93-96 MPH and touches 100 MPH, along side one of the minors best curveballs a nasty plus power curve that sits about 80-84 MPH. Bradley’s 3rd pitch is a change-up which is well behind his other two pitches, but scouts say Bradley has a feel for his change-up and should at least be an average offering down the road. If Archie Bradley can continue to improve his control/command most scouts believe Bradley has the stuff to become a true “Ace” with an about average #2 starter as the fall back.

2.) Braden Shipley RHP (2013 Draftee) – 2013 Stats: (No stats in 2013 yet) Most everyone was shocked when Shipley was still on the board when the Diamondbacks picked No. 15 overall in the 1st round. Braden Shipley has more room to grow than most college pitchers as Shipley just recently switched to pitcher after starting his Nevada career as the everyday short stop. Shipley has a great fastball that sits 92-96 MPH, and touches 99 MPH, Shipley also has a plus change as he uses the same arm speed on his change as he does with his fastball. Shipley’s third offering is a curveball, which at this point is just a show me pitch. Scouts believe Shipley will be an above average No. 2 starter in the Bigs, with an outside chance of being a number 1 starter if he continues to progress on the mound.

3.) Tyler Skaggs LHP (AAA, MLB) – 2013 Stats: MiLB stats 10 GS, 4.92 ERA, 56.2 IP, 19 BB, 61 K, .270 avg. Skaggs continues to be one of the best pitching prospects in baseball, however in 2013 Skaggs has taken a tiny step backwards as his FB velocity and command are both a little down compared to 2012. Skaggs uses a great 4 pitch arsenal to get batters out, a FB that sits 89-92 and can touch 94 MPH, a 72-76 MPH CB that many believe is undoubtedly the best in all of the minors, a Change up that’s about 82-84 MPH has shown real progress in 2013 and is becoming a really good pitch against RHB. While he doesn’t used it much Skaggs has shown a slider in 2013 which is just a show me pitch right now. Tyler Skaggs still looks like he will be a number 2 starter, and the floor for Skaggs is a 1st end number 3 starter.

4.) Matt Davidson 3B (AAA) – 2013 Stats:  .305/.360/.514, 10 HR, 43 RBI. Davidson has always been known for his power as he has come up through the Diamondbacks Farm system after hitting more home runs every year than he did the previous year. In 2013 that appears to hold true as he is on pace for a career high in home runs. Early in his career scouts questioned whether Davidson could stay at 3B long-term, but over 2012/2013 Davidson has made major strides on defense, while all but erasing those scouts questions. Davidson has a plus arm which sometimes it gets him in trouble making throws that he should probably eat instead of forcing the error. At this point Matt Davidson appears to be and above average everyday third baseman. While he wont be the best hitter for average Davidson can probably hit .260/.280 with 20-30 HR annually at the MLB level.

5.) Adam Eaton (A+, AAA) – 2013 Stats: Eaton was injured during spring training and has only appeared in a few MiLB games as part of his rehab. Heading into 2013 Eaton was projected to be the everyday center fielder and bat leadoff. When healthy Eaton can hit for average, with plus speed, great defensive range, and a cannon of an arm.

6.) Chris Owings SS/2B (AAA) – 2013 Stats: .353/.371/.472, 6 HR, 42 RBI, 11 SB. Since being drafted in 2009 Owings has shown an ability to hit for average and above average pop for his position. The only question scouts generally have about Owings is his plate discipline as Owings has only walked 8 times in 2013, and his professional career high is only 24 walks. Over the last two seasons Owing has shown great improvements defensively and can stay at SS defensively. Having said that, Owings will likely have to move to 2B with Didi Gregorius manning short stop for the for seen future. Chris Owings has the potential of being an everyday SS/2B who hits enough will enough defense to possibly be an above average regular.

7.) David Holmberg LHP (AA) – 2013 Stats: 13 GS, 2.45 ERA, 23 BB, 50 K, .253 AVG.

8.) Stryker Trahan C (EX Spring Training) – 2013 Stats: (No Stats in 2013 yet)

9.) Brandon Drury 3B/1B (A-) – 2013 Stats: .319/.353/.564 27 2B, 10 HR, 48 RBI (Drury was a prospect the DBacks received in the Justin Upton trade.)

10.) Aaron Blair RHP (2013 Draftee) – 2013 Stats: (No Stats in 2013 yet) Arizona Diamondbacks picked Blair with their competitive balance pick after the 1st round/ before the 2nd round.

11.) Zeke Spruill RHP (AA, AAA) – 2013 Stats: 14 GS, 3.12 ERA, 89.1 IP, 31 BB, 44 K, .256 AVG.

12.) Jake Barrett RHP (A+) – 2013 Stats: 15 Saves, 25.1 IP, 8 BB, 33 K, .186 AVG

13.) Jake Lamb 3B (A+) – 2013 Stats: .287/.415/.558, 8 HR, 24 RBI

14.) Andrew Chafin LHP (A+, AA) – 2013 Stats: 14 GS, 3.53 ERA, 81.2 IP, 37 BB, 64 K, .261 AVG.

15.) Kevin Munson RHP (AA) – 2013 Stats: 12 Saves, 3.64, 29.2 IP, 15 BB, 36 K, .167 AVG.

16.) Anthony Meo RHP (AA) – 2013 Stats: 8 GS, 6.37 ERA, 35.1 IP, 25 BB, 17 K, .252 AVG.

17.) Michael Perez C (A+) – 2013 Stats: .182/.224/.325, 5 HR, 24 RBI.

18.) Andrew Velazquez SS (A-) – 2013 Stats: .286/.318/.405, 5 2B, 4 RBI

19.) Nick Ahmed SS (AA) – 2013 Stats: .167/.237/.215,  7 2B, 15 RBI.

20.) Justin Williams 3B/OF (2013 Draftee) – 2013 Stats: (No Stats in 2013 yet) The Diamondbacks 3rd pick of the 2013 draft. Best Tool: Plus raw power.


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A Huge week for the Diamondbacks organization as 3 minor league teams record championships in their respective divisions.

AAA Reno Aces vs Omaha Storm Chasers Championship Week

The Reno Aces dominate the Chasers and take game one of this series by the score of 13-1 in Reno with #1 pitching prospect Trevor Bauer going 6 2/3 innings giving up 1 run on 3 hits.

Reno Aces Pitchers Trevor Bauer & Jensen Lewis

Ryan Budde with  2 home runs, and Tyler Kuhn, Ryan Strieby, & Mike Jacobs all record a long ball. Brent Clevlen with a 3 for 5 night leads the way as the Aces win the first game in dominant fashion. In game 2 the Aces would throw newcomer Daniel Cabrera who could not keep the ball down and struggled all night giving up 5 runs on 6 hits and would get yanked in the 4th inning. The Aces would loose game 2 to the score of 9-6 but wouldnt go quietly as A.J. Pollock, Mike Jacobs, and Tyler Bortnick all go 2 for 4 on the night.

Game 2 of the Reno Aces vs Omaha Storm Chasers series would be a ruff game for the Aces as they would loose the pivotal home game 9-6 and have to go to Omaha for the next 3 games to try and win this series. The Chasers would score 1 in the first and 1 in the 2nd innings and the Aces would answer with a run in the 2nd to keep it close. In the 5th inning the Chasers would open this game up and score 5 runs and start to celebrate a little too soon as the hearty Aces answer their 5 runs with 4 of there own. The Chasers would get 2 more runs in the 7th and the Aces would tack on their last run in the 8th and loose this game 9-6. Daniel Cabrerawould get the start for the Aces on the mound and would get the loss as he goes 4 1/3 innings and gives up 5 runs on 6 hits. 3 home runs would be hit by the Chasers on the night.

Mike Jacobs

The offensive player of the game for the Aces goes to Mike Jacobs who turns in a 2 for 4 performance scoring twice, with a home run and 3 RBI’s. A.J. Pollock, and Tyler Bortnick both record 2 hits and keep the Aces in striking distance but  the Aces fall short in game 2 and have their backs against the wall in un friendly grounds.

Tyler Bortnick

NOTE: Wladimir Sutil while batting appeared to take a batted ball off the knee cap and would go down in the batters box. He would try to walk on it but was unable to do so and Trainer Joe Metz would carry him off field. Sutil would later be placed on the 7 day DL.

Game 3 AAA Reno travels to Omaha Storm Chasers to try and steal game 3 in hopes to squeak out a win on foreign soil. Brett Butler said his team was up for the challange and when they are faced with adversity the true athletes come out and come up big. Depleated by September call ups the Reno Aces have lost their best players in Adam Eaton lead off guy who is the spark plug to this line up  got called up to AZ Dbcacks, Jake Elmore & Ryan Wheeler both called up along with Konrad Schmidt, and Tyler Graham all were starters for Reno now in big leagues. Reno lost some enormous arms in the bull pen to september be call ups in Tyler Skaggs, and Patrick Corbin are 2 of the pitchers who won a lot of games for the Aces but are now with the Dbacks. Even though the Aces lost their 1,2 & 3rd batters in the line up they continue to find ways to win ball games, a true testament to the depth of talent in the Dbacks organization. The Aces would go into game 3 knowing if they wanted to win that championship it would be in Omaha’s house in front of their fans, but that didn’t stop them as they go on to beat them in game 3 to the score of 3-0. The story of game 3 was Joe Martinez who pitched an outstanding shutout game through 7 innings allowing just 5 hits and 0 runs with 7 strikeouts.

Joe Martinez

Joe had everything going right for him, movement, location and some great defense from his teammates. Offensive player of the game goes to A.J. Pollock who went 2 for 4 with 1 run scored, 1 double, 1 home run and 2 RBI’s accounting for all of the teams scoring in this game. Tyler Kuhn and Ryan Budde the only other 2 to record 1 hit. The Aces were outhit 5-4 but outlast the Chasers embarrassing them in their own house 3-0. The Aces just one game away from a PCL championship take on the Chasers tomorrow in what could be the last game for one and a National title shot for the other.

Game 4 AAA Reno Aces vs Omaha Storm Chasers would be a game where both teams leave it all out on the line. Brett Butler said he would pitch his ace Trevor Bauer if it came down to a one game situation game 5 but said he didn’t think this series had a chance of going a game 5 after game 4 performance.

Pitchers Trevor Bauer & Charles Brewer

In game 5 Butler went to the salty veteran Charles Brewer who would throw an outstanding 6 1/3 innings and give up only 2 runs on 5 hits before turning it over to the bullpen who has been nearly perfect over the past 6 games. Joe Patterson, Jensen Lewis and BIG Jonathan Albaladejo would combine to throw a 2 2/3 inning 2 hit shut out to give the Aces another great outing. The Aces hold the Chasers to 0 runs through 6 innings where they would score their only 2 runs of the game. The Aces would put up 3 crooked numbers on the score board and earn their first PCL Championship beating the Chasers 8-2 and earning that ring.

AAA Pacific Coast League Champions Reno Aces

The offensive player of the game goes to Tyler Kuhn who was brilliant going for 4 for 5 on the day scoring 3 runs with 3 doubles and 1 RBI marking his 2nd 4 hit post season effort.

Tyler Kuhn

A.J. Pollock would earn the MVP for the playoffs hitting a home run in his 2nd straight game. Mike Jacobs would also hit 4 home runs in the playoffs at crucial times to help the Aces win their championship.

A.J. Pollock

The Reno Aces now travel to Durham NC to face the Pawtucket Red Socks at 4:05 Tuesday the 18th for the AAA National Championship where the Aces will turn to their #1 prospect Trevor Bauer to get the win.


The Mobil Baybears repeat  as Southern League champions by beating the Generals on a score of 1-0 in game 4 of the 5 game series.

2012 AA Champions Mobile Baybears

The Baybears win the game 1-0 on a 3rd inning home run from Jon Griffin. Mobile gets 7 shutout innings from RHP Mike Bolsinger and the bullpen would remain perfect on the night to give the Mobile squad their 2nd streight ring. Matt Davidson was named the 2012 Southern League Champion Series MVP recording 3 hits, one of which was a 2 run walk off home run in game 3 that gave the Baybears a 4-2 win in the 10th inning.


The single A Missoula Osprey team in a winner takes all vs the Ogden Raptors championship game where the Osprey would come out swinging and take this Championship by a score of 10-0.

Single A Missoula Osprey 2012 Champions

The Osprey throw 4 pitchers and give up 0 runs in 9 innings. The Osprey’s Jake Lamb finished with 4 RBI’s  and Yosbel Gutierrez each hit 2 run home runs to go up 9-0 and Lamb’s RBI single in the 8th would finish the slaughter of the Raptors. Yoimer Camacho gets the win for the Osprey and goes 5 innings and gives up just 3 hits and 0 runs.


Author: Nick Crawford SR

Nick Crawford – Arizona Diamondbacks beat writer for BHP Baseball
Nick Crawford joined BHP Baseball in the 2012 baseball season as the websites beat writer for the Arizona Diamondbacks. I am a baseball and softball player that plays over 200 games a year traveling all over to play in tournaments on the weekends. I have coached baseball for over 10 years at various levels including my son’s team. My passion for this game we all love is unmatched. I am a huge Florida sports fan across the board Marlins Dolphins Heat are my favorite teams. I am also a huge Arizona Diamondbacks fan & since Nevada doesn’t have a pro team I follow the AAA Reno Aces, the Diamondbacks farm system. If you ever want to talk Diamondbacks, or Marlins you can find Nick on Twitter @DonkeyPuncher74.