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Sunday March 31st, 2013

Troy Tulowitzki

Codey Harrison (Lead Editor & President/Ceo) – Generally amongst the greatest baseball minds players who play in the middle of the field are considered the most valuable, and most sought after posistions when making a team. Whether its catchers, second baseman, shortstops, or center fielders most general managers will tell you it is impossible to have to many of players at these premium positions. The only problem is these are generally light hitting players at these posistions, who only start because of the above average defense. So when a team has a great hitter at these premium positions ala Miguel Montero (Catcher), Robinson Cano (Second baseman), Troy Tulowitzki (shortstop), or Matt Kemp (Center fielder) their teams are quick to sign them to massive contracts because they understand these types of players rarly come around.

1.) Cleveland Indians – Carlos Santana/Jason Kipnis/Asdrubal Cabrera/Drew Stubbs/Michael Bourn

2.) Atlanta Braves – Brian McCann/Dan Uggla/Alfreido Simmons/BJ Upton

3.) New York Yankees – Chris Stewart/Robinson Cano/Derek Jeter/Curtis Granderson

4.) Baltimore Orioles – Matt Wieters/Brian Roberts/J.J. Hardy/Adam Jones

5.) Toronto Blue Jays – J.P Arencibia/Emilio Bonifacio/Jose Reyes/Colby Rasmus

Have any suggestions as to who you would like to see on this list? Feel free to comment with your top 5 in the comments below.

Matt Kemp

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