Here at BHP Baseball we will bring a monthly MLB power rankings from the end of March, until the end of September. Our latest months power ranking will be shown here, along with links to the previous month’s power rankings.

July 2012 Power Rankings

August 1st, 2012

Standings from 7/31 2012

1.) Cincinati Reds (62-41) – Joey Votto who? The Red have really turned it on since slugger and former MVP Joey Votto landed on the disabled list. With the recent surgance of Mat Latos on the mound the Reds have 2 Aces on their team that have led them to the best record in the MLB. The only Major League team with a win percentage over .600 overall on the season is the Reds, and they have done it with below average production from the leadoff spot.

2.) New York Yankees (60-43) – Yankees continue to expand their lead on the AL East, and have shown no signs of letting up. With Derek Jeter, and Mark Tiexera on hot streaks don’t count on the Yankees slowing down anytime soon.

3.) Washington Nationals (61-41) – With most of the Nationals talk being on whether or not they should shutdown Ace Stephan Strasburg at 170 innings, the Nationals quietly continue to rack up the wins.

4.) Texas Rangers (59-43) – With Josh Hamilton, and Yu Darvish in slumps the Texas Rangers are beginning to drop down the rankings. although with 2 of their key players struggling they are still in very good position to make another world series runs as they bolster one of the deepest line ups in all of baseball. In fact the Rangers are so deep that star rookie prospect Mike Olt has been batting 9th in the line-up.

5.) Atlanta Braves (59-44)- With Jason Heyward having a terrific rebound season the Braves have themselves primed for a decent playoff run.

6.) Pittsburgh Pirates (59-44)- NL MVP candidate Andrew Mccutchen continues to own National League pitching. With the call-up of outfielder Starling Marte, and the addition of LHP Wandy Rodriguez are ready to end their 20 season losing streak.

7.) Los Angeles Angels (57-47)- What else could the Angels ask for? Mike Trout is putting up an all time great rookie season, and Albert Pujols has been white-hot since his horrid start to the season.

8.) San Francisco Giants (56-47)- Will acquiring Hunter Pence put the Giants enough ahead of the NLW to make the playoffs?

9.) Los Angeles Dodgers (56-49)- Hanley Ramierez, Shane Victorino, and Joe Blanton, the Dodgers fans have got to like their teams chances.

10.) Chicago White Sox (56-47)- The pick-up of Kevin Youkilis may be the best pick-up of any MLB team.

11.) Detroit Tigers (54-50)- They have Justin Verlander, and Max Scherzer, can the rest of their rotation contribute?

12.) Oakland Athletics (56-47)- The amazing story of the Oakland A’s continues to fascinate. But can it continue?

13.) St. Louis Cardinals (55-48)- The Cardinals are interested in giving Kyle Loshe a contract extension, he’s a big reason the Cardinal’s are contending this year.

14.) Tampa Bay Rays (54-50)- With Evan Longoria back in the Rays line up at less than 100% the Rays have a chance to catch the Yankees.

15.) Baltimore Orioles (55-49)- Like the A’s the Orioles have continued to prove doubters wrong as they stay strong in the wild card race.

16.) Arizona Diamondbacks (53-51)- What more could the Diamondbacks ask for? Rookie starter Wade Miley, and Patrick Corbin have been nothing short of stellar. But where has Justin Upton been?

17.) Boston Red Sox (53-51)- The sage continues, Should Bobby V stay, or should he go?

18.) Toronto Blue Jays (51-52)- Is there a team with worse luck than the Blue Jays? They continue to get annihilated with starting pitching injuries.

19.) New York Mets (50-54)- Remember when the Mets discussed going on 3 days rest the remainder of the season so they could contend? Well that seems unlikely now with the Mets falling off the grid since the break.

20.) Cleveland Indians (50-53)- How long can the Indians free fall continue? Its brutal right now in C-Town.

21.) Seattle Mariners (49-57)- Could anyone of guessed that all the Mariners needed was to get rid of their former star Ichiro Suzuki?

22.) Philadelphia Phillies (46-57)- Despite their sellout streak ending, and being all but eliminated from the playoffs, the Phillies refuse to trade anyone of their big 3 starting pitchers.

23.) Miami Marlins (47-56)- The Marlins are starting to show their off-season spending spree was short lived as they are now in fire sale mode.

24.) Milwaukee Brewers (47-56)- 2011 NL MVP Ryan Braun is having a better season than his MVP season, but the Brewers don’t have the weapons to contend.

25.) Minnesota Twins (44-59)- The Twins are surprising many with how good they are, despite being 15 games under .500.

26.) Kansas City Royals (42-60)- No one could have predicted Eric Hosmer would have fallen of the cliff as much as he has this season.

27.) Chicago Cubs (43-59)- The Cubs have turned it on of late, but it maybe short-lived as they traded away Ryan Dempster.

28.) San Diego Pardres (44-61)- Despite being 17 games under .500 the Padres were reluctant to sell, in fact they even locked up some of their potential free agents.

29.) Colorado Rockies (37-64)- Well the 4-man rotation idea could not go any worse.

30.) Houston Astros (35-70)- The Astros are putting up impressive losing streaks as they virtually sold all of their talented big leaguers.

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