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Codey Harrison – President/CEO & Lead Editor

Codey Harrison is a college student in Wyoming. Born in Phoenix, Arizona he has been a Diamondbacks fan since their arrival in 1998. Codey is our President/CEO, and lead Editor. He enjoys talking anything baseball, particularly prospect related. Codey has a passion to spread his love of baseball with all those intrested, which lead him to create BHP Baseball. You can follow me on Twitter @ProspectsMLB

Nick Crawford – Arizona Diamondbacks Beat Writer for BHP Baseball

My name Is Nick Crawford SR, I am 33 years old & work in the Construction Managment field for a General Contractor out of Reno Nv. I have a fantastic wife of 7 years and 3 gorgeous children (2@13 yrs old & 7 yr old). I am a baseball and softball player that plays over 200 games a year traveling all over to play in tournaments on the weekends. I currently pitch for 4 teams one in Reno NV AND 3 teams out of Fresno CA.  I have coached baseball for over 10 years at various levels including my son’s team. My passion for this game we all love is unmatched. I am a huge Florida sports fan across the board #Marlins #Dolphins #Heat are my favorite teams. I am also a huge Arizona Diamondbacks fan & since Nevada doesn’t have a pro team I follow the AAA Reno Aces, the Diamondbacks farm system. I have met all the players and know a lot of them as friends on a first name basis. I write a play by play for the Aces on their twitter page @Aceball for nearly every game. You can follow me a @DonkeyPuncher74. My favorite player in baseball right now is 23 yr old Adam C Eaton of Reno Aces a center fielder who leads all of baseball in batting AVG and all of AAA in hits, runs, doubles, OBP, total bases, and the most important stat Hustle! I can’t wait for him to get his shot in MLB.

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