Do you Live, Sleep, and breathe baseball? If you have very good  writing, and grammar skills to compliment an advanced knowledge for baseball, We want you to join BHP Baseball

1)  BHP Baseball Face Book administrator:   In addition to our site, we are popular on social media, including Twitter, and Facebook.  We currently have one opening for a Facebook Administrator.  Position is unpaid, but great experience for reporting baseball and can lead to writing position on the BHP Baseball staff.  Must be prepared to commit to 2-5 posts per day, summarizing in 2-4 lines major baseball headlines of the day.  Will also need to post occasional baseball photos and videos for view on our page.  If you live on Facebook, are crazy about baseball, and want to join BHP Baseball, this position is for you.  Please e-mail your application, including a brief synopsis of your experience to:

2)  Behind Home Plate Baseball is looking at taking on Baseball Writers/Interns to join our team. 5-7 positions are available.  The positions are unpaid but full of baseball glory.  You will learn to sharpen your skills as a baseball writer and analyst as you come on the board to join BHP Baseball through the 2012 season, and in future seasons if possible.  If we really like you, the position may be indefinite.

3.) We are currently looking for Beat writers for individual teams to represent BHP Baseball. Currently 29/30 (Arizona Diamondbacks currently filled) MLB teams are available. We would like our team’s beat writers to provide a daily game round up of the MLB teams games, as well as full season minor league affiliate recaps. Position is un-paid but provides you with valuable skills that can help lead to a writing career in baseball. To apply just E-mail with your name, contact information, as well as which MLB team you would like to cover.

The Criteria:

  • Strong writing and grammar skills
  • Baseball encyclopedia type knowledge
  • 1-2 years experience writing for baseball websites/blogs preffered
  • Computer skills, especially WordPress, Facebook and Twitter
  • Personable, can respectfully and politely interact with readers and fans
  • Can devote at least 2 hours per week to BHP Baseball
  • Hard worker, motivated, organized, creative
  • Baseball obsession is welcomed

BHP Baseball Intern’s will be given weekly topics and expected to produce 1-2 articles per week.  There will be deadlines and the product has to be perfect!  You must be motivated, available and work hard at your position.  A good attitude and work ethic will help build your career in baseball and we can help.  You will also be one of the administrators of our Facebook page and expected to produce timely and quality baseball content on the page.  Daily Reports, as well as good baseball photographs and videos will be required.  Weekly polls and discussions in building our Facebook readership will be key.

To apply for the position:  Please prepare a 250 word report titled “Why I want to be a BHP Baseball Intern”.  Take your time in preparing it and try to express your feelings and thoughts as best as you can.  Please also include at the bottom a list of all the baseball websites that you have previously worked for.  Please prepare your reports and E-mail or post on our Facebook page.  Think that you have computer skills?  Prove it.  We want to see creativity and hustle. Bonus points will be awarded for those people who also videotape their entries and post the video to our E-Mail  While we thank everyone for their applications, only selected candidates will be chosen.  We will retain everyone’s applications and may contact more candidates in the future as the need arises.  We appreciate the interest that our readers have expressed in joining the Reports and we look forward to receiving your applications.  Please read our criteria carefully and ensure that you qualify.

Applications will be read on a first-come, first-serve basis and we reserve the right to select our Interns at any time.

Thank you everyone and enjoy Behind Home Plate Baseball.

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