Jake Peavy to Diamondbacks Rumors Heating Up

Posted: July 30, 2013 by Codey Harrison in Uncategorized
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Tuesday, July 30th 2013

Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Indians


So the big story on Twitter this afternoon is the fact that the Arizona Diamondbacks are trying to trade for Chicago White Sox starting pitcher Jake Peavy. The ties between Peavy and Diamondbacks General Manager Kevin Towers go all the way back to 1999 when Towers drafted Peavy in the 15th round for the San Diego Padres. Peavy is not too long removed from being one of the National Leagues best pitchers, as proved by his 2007 season when he won the NL Cy Young award, beating out former Diamondbacks ace Brandon Webb. Since he was traded to Chicago Peavy has battled some injuries that have somewhat limited him, but when he’s been healthy enough to toe the rubber he has pitched fairly well. In 13 2013 starts peavey has a 4.28 ERA in 80 innings, with a 76/17 Strikeout/walk ratio.

The White Sox are looking for a major haul in any Peavy trade. Asking for 2-3 top prospects, as well as the other team to assume the rest of the money owed on Peavy’s contract. Meaning likely the Diamondbacks would have to part with LHP prospect Tyler Skaggs, as well as either short stop Chris Owings, or third base prospect Matt Davidson. Which for a team to take on that big of a contract, and part with some of its top prospects seems like a lot to give up for the 32-year-old Jake Peavy.

While most trade rumors pre deadline don’t ever happen, it’ll be interesting to see how this possible trade plays out.



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