The Diamondbacks head into San Francisco to face the Playoff bound Giants in hopes to steal a few wins and gain a few games towards that hopeful wildcard spot.

Tyler Skaggs shut down for the season

The Dbacks who scratched Rookie Tyler Skaggs from his start due to a loss in velocity in recent starts has been shutdown by the Dbacks so they turn to Josh Collmenter.

Tim Lincecum

The Giants send Tim Lincecum to the mound to square off against a Dbacks team who has absolutely dominated him this year and had a loosing season so far this year. This outing for Lincecum would be reminiscent of his last against the Dbacks as he gets shelled by the man we will now refer to as “The Lincecum Killer” or TLK Paul Goldschmidtwho was 7 for 14 with 4 home runs batting .571 & 10 RBI’s before today is now 8 for 15 with 5 home runs.

The Lincecum Killer Paul Goldschmidt

Today was not a story about how Lincecum dominated hitters but how he got dominated by the Dbacks and Goldschmidt who went 1 for 2 with 5 RBI’s with a run scored. Tim Lincecum would start off the night with 4 straight balls to Adam Eaton for a walk, Aaron Hill would single on a line drive to LF followed by a Justin Upton ground ball that goes off of Lincecum’s shoulder for an infield base hit to load the bases. With 1 out Paul Goldschmidt would hit a sacrafice fly  to LF to score Eaton and Lincecum who could not command his fast ball would throw a wild pitch and Aaron Hill would score before a walk to Jason Kubel before getting Ryan Wheeler out. The 2nd inning would go by without a score but in the 3rd inning Lincecum would struggle again. Aaron Hill would lead off the 2nd with a single followed by a passed ball that would move Hill up 90′. Miguel Montero would walk and then Paul Golschmidt would step to the plate. The Lincecum Killer would take a breaking ball that missed high and drive it deep down the line and bounce it off the foul pole for his 5th home run against Lincecum and collect another 2 RBI’s to make it a 5-0 ball game. Into the bottom of the 4th and Josh Collmenter gives up a lead off double to Marco Scutaro to continue a 13 game hitting streak and Buster Poseywould swap places with him on a RBI double of his own as the crowd chanted MVP MVP.

MVP Candidate Buster Posey

Buster Posey is in a tight race for MVP with Pirates Andrew McCutchen, McCutchen who may have the lead right now because of the slugging numbers is barely holding on to a lead in numbers but Posey is Gaining on him. In the 5th Lincecum would serve up a single to Aaron Hill and a Justin Upton Walk would be yanked off the mound by Bruce Bochy after 4 innings and 7 runs on 5 hits and be replaced by Dan Runzler. Runzler like Lincecum would struggle to find the strike zone and would walk his first batter before falling victim to The Lincecum Killer Paul Goldschmidt who would hit a sac fly  to center to score Aaron Hill to give the Dbacks a 6-1 lead. Things would seam to get worse when 1 batter later while Jason Kubel was batting another wild pitch would be thrown and would cost the Giants another run. The Dbacks pitching would record 10 straight groundouts in the next 3 innings while Aaron Hill recorded 4 straight outs at 2nd. The Giants would add a run on the board on a single by Xavier Nady single and a pinch hit double by Ryan Theriot to score a run in the 8th. The run in the 8th would be their last scoring opportunity and the Giants fall short on a night where Paul Goldschmidt could do no wrong. My Game Ball goes to The Lincecum Killer Paul Goldschmidt for hit Home Run and 5 RBI’s. The Honorable mention goes to Aaron Hill who went 3 for 5 scoring 3 times.

2012 Rookie Of The Year Candidate Wade Miley

Preview: The Dbacks look to Rookie of the year candidate Wade Miley who is 16-10 with a 3.25 ERA against the Giants Ace Matt Cain who is a staggering 15-5 with a 2.86 ERA. The Dbacks who have won 7 out of 9 games recently has scored 5 or more runs in 6 of the last 7 games will have a tuff task trying to hit one of the most dominant pitchers in MLB today.

Author: Nick Crawford SR

Nick Crawford – Arizona Diamondbacks beat writer for BHP Baseball
Nick Crawford joined BHP Baseball in the 2012 baseball season as the websites beat writer for the Arizona Diamondbacks. I am a baseball and softball player that plays over 200 games a year traveling all over to play in tournaments on the weekends. I have coached baseball for over 10 years at various levels including my son’s team. My passion for this game we all love is unmatched. I am a huge Florida sports fan across the board Marlins Dolphins Heat are my favorite teams. I am also a huge Arizona Diamondbacks fan & since Nevada doesn’t have a pro team I follow the AAA Reno Aces, the Diamondbacks farm system. If you ever want to talk Diamondbacks, or Marlins you can find Nick on Twitter @DonkeyPuncher74.

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