A struggling Diamondbacks team loosing their last 3 games would make things worse by loosing their starting center fielder Chris Young to a calf strain probably out 3-7 games… Or was it a blessing in disguise? In light of the injury to Chris Young the Diamondbacks would call up Adam C Eaton from AAA Reno Aces a left handed center fielder with some of the most impressive numbers the Pacific Coast League has ever seen. Fresh off of a All-Star Selection, PCL Rookie Of The Year Honors, PCL Most Valuable Player Honors, and the PCL Batting champion Adam Eaton comes in as an Underdog. Underdog you say?

Adam Eaton PCL Rookie Of The Year And MVP

Adam was always told he was to small to play in the big leagues but that didnt stop him from trying to prove them all wrong. Listed at 5′ 8″ tall and 185 LBS he has always been the smallest guy on the team as far as he could remember. Eaton could not have ended up under a better coach than the long time great Brett Butler in AAA Reno who was also the guy ruled out to be to small for MLB, Brett would take Eaton under his wing and Would teach him all he knew and Eaton would soak it up. To make up for his size Eaton would use his speed and Adapt a hitting style that would work to his advantage. A career .360 hitter since 2010 Eaton has proven the doubters wrong year after year, or did he? I read a report the other day and the direct quote was “so he hit .381 in the PCL its a hitters league and the pitching isnt great, he wont equate to anything more than a .250 hitter in the Bigs”. For now i will leave you with that to stew on……

Adam gets a call on sunday from the Farm Director Mike Bell To tell him he was getting called up Adam was ecstatic running through the house. He was told to report to the team immediately as he would be in tuesday nights game. Adam could not catch a flight out of Reno so he jumped in a car with his Fiancee Katie and they drove to San Francisco just in time for team batting practice. Adam was told he would be batting lead off and playing center field, all his hard work finaly paid off, his dream of becoming a pro baseball player was finely a reality. The one thing people told him he couldn’t do because of his size he proved them wrong but they still doubted him saying ” he wouldn’t be able to hit MLP Pitchers”.

Gametime: Adam Eaton steps into the batters box the first time as a MLB baseball player and faces Giants Ryan Vogelsong a 12-6 pitcher in MLB and Adam would strike out swinging in the first matchup. In the 4th he would get another chance at Vogelsong and Adam would prove the doubters wrong once again smacking the ball deep to left field for a stand up double for his 1st MLB hit. As he got to second he called time and looked up into the stands saw his family & Fiancee and had the biggest smile on his face.

Adam Eaton Smiles after his first MLB hit, a double.

he said “it just seamed like it all flashed in front of my eyes” my dreams came true….. The next batter Aaron Hill would hit a home run and would score Eaton. In Adam’s 3rd at bat he would hit a ground ball to 2nd base and Adam who is extremely fast dives head first into 1st base to try and beat the throw in a play that could have gone either way. Kirk Gibson said after the game “Eaton has come into the big leagues sporting only one gear and thats overdrive”. in the top of the 8th Eaton would hit a chopper to the first baseman as he is backing up and the wheels of Eaton would be showcased once again as he beats the throw to 1st by a long shot. Adam Eaton MLB debut he would finish the night 2 for 6 with a Double & a run scored with a .333 AVG. The Giants would go on to win game  1 in extra innings 9-8 Aaron Hill

Aaron Hill

would go 5 for 5 with 2 RBI;s to lead all hitters in this game. Josh Collmenter  4-3, would get the win for the Dbacks today and for the Giants George Kontos would be charged with a loss and drop to 1-1 on the Season.

Preview Game 3 would showcase Trevor Cahill 10-10 VS Madison Bumgarner who is 14-10 on the season. Adam Eaton will return as the lead off batter in place of the still injured Chris Young who is out with a calf strain.

Author: Nick Crawford SR

Nick Crawford – Arizona Diamondbacks beat writer for BHP Baseball
Nick Crawford joined BHP Baseball in the 2012 baseball season as the websites beat writer for the Arizona Diamondbacks. I am a baseball and softball player that plays over 200 games a year traveling all over to play in tournaments on the weekends. I have coached baseball for over 10 years at various levels including my son’s team. My passion for this game we all love is unmatched. I am a huge Florida sports fan across the board Marlins Dolphins Heat are my favorite teams. I am also a huge Arizona Diamondbacks fan & since Nevada doesn’t have a pro team I follow the AAA Reno Aces, the Diamondbacks farm system. If you ever want to talk Diamondbacks, or Marlins you can find Nick on Twitter @DonkeyPuncher74.

  1. C. Sappington says:

    Giants didn’t win the Sept. 4th game. Diamondbacks won 8-6 in 11 innings. And I believe Adam got his call after Reno’s last game on Monday.

    • dbacksfancrawford74 says:

      did i miss something? Adam got called up after the regular season but just before the playoffs started. Giants won game 1 of the series but lost the next two games after eaton had been called up making the dbacks 2-0 with spanky in the line up.

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