The Nigh Of Walk Off’s

MLB Diamondbacks vs LA Dodgers

Today’s match would be the last of the series and for sports fans it would not disappoint. the game would include 3 home runs and a walk off victory. The game got off to a quick start when Matt Kemp hit a home run in the 2nd 372 feet his 18th of the year. John McDonald would answer Kemp’s home run with one of his own hitting it slightly further for 390 feet in the 3rd inning to tie the game. The Dbacks would take the lead in the 4th on Miguel Montero’s 2 run home run to right field for 387 feet to take the lead 3-1. Andre Ethier would get the Dodgers within 1 when he would ground out to second scoring Matt Kemp to make it 3-2. John McDonald would get a base hit in the 7th to score Paul Goldschmidt from 3rd. Shane Victorino would score A.J. Ellison a single to center field. The magic would come in the 9th when the Dodgers who were down by 2 runs would get some production out of the $270 million dollars they spent 2 weeks

Adrian Gonzalez with a walk off hit to win.

ago. Adrian Gonzalez would hit a 2 RBI walk off double to win the game  5-4 in the bottom of the 9th. For the Dbacks would loose the game on a blown save from J.J. Putz, the winner would be Ronald Belisario who would go to 4-1. with a Dodger and Giants win the Dodgers remain 4 1/2 games back. it seams like they either both win or they both loose and LA just cant gain any ground on them

Preview: The Dbacks travel to San Francisco to take on the 1st place Giants. The Dbacks look to the young gunner Rookie Patrick Corbin 5-6 with a 3.93 ERA and the Giants turn to Barry Zito who is 10-8 with a 4.42 ERA.
The Dbacks may start Rookie Konrad Schmidt at catcher who was recently called up as part of the September call ups to catch his old teamate in Corbin.

College: University of Nevada Wolfpack

Konrad has been on a hot streak swinging the bat in Reno and looks to continue that hitting in SF.

AAA 2012 PCL CHAMPIONS RENO ACES vs Tucson Padres in game 2 of the 3 game series ends in epic fashion. The Reno Aces would jump out to an early lead when in the 2nd inning the hero from last night Brent Clevlen leads off with a triple, Ryan Budde would drive him in on a single to right field Aces 1-0. in the 3rd inning the bats come alive for the Aces as The seasons MVP Adam Eaton lights a spark in the order with a lead off single (League leading).  The speedy Eaton would steal 2nd base his 38th of the season (league leading) but he would tear his pants just under the thigh.  With Josh Bell batting and Eaton constantly in the pitchers head juking back and forth he cant concentrate and runs the count to 3balls no strikes. On the next pitch Eaton takes off running as Bell hits a single to right field scoring Eaton. Taylor Harbin would come up to bat with one on and 2 outs and hits a ball deep to center off the wall for a RBI double his (43rd) of the season. With Brent Clevlen batting Harbin breaks for 3rd and as the catcher tries to pick him off but throws the ball into left field scoring Taylor Habin the aces would lead 4-0. That lead would soon diminish when the padres hit 2 singles a double and a home run scoring 3  in the 4th making this game 3-4 Aces. The Padres would score a run in the 6th to tie the ball game for the padres. The Aces would mount a threat when Tyler Bortnick hit a double to right field with 2 outs.


MVP Adam Eaton comes up to the plate and he is down in the count 2-2 with 2 out and the game winning run on 2nd, do they intentionaly walk him like they did last night? that back fired last nigh with a walk off walk so they choose to pitch to him and he hits a line drive to left center and Bortnick rounds 3rd he is coming home and he is thrown out at the plate for out #3, #ExtraInnings. The Aces would hold the padres to 0 runs as stud pitcher Jensen Lewis dominates the order 3 up 3 do

A.J. Pollock Hits A walk off home run in 10th

wn. On to bat for the Aces is A.J. Pollock who last night got the RBI Walk Off Walk to win the game in extra innings, A.J. Digs into the batters box and on the first pitch hits a ball deep WAAAAAY DEEEEEEEEP ITS GONE HOME RUN WALK OFF HOME RUN TO WIN THE GAME! A.J. Pollock AKA Captain Clutch gets a walk off win for the second game in a row to set the all time PCL wins in a single season to 80-63. Jensen Lewis gets the win making him 7-2

Preview: Tomorrows last regular season game features veteran pitcher z vs  Joe Martinez Thad Weber of the Padres.

AA Mobile Baybears Vs Mississippi Braves

As the season comes to an end the Braves rattle off another win beating the Baybears by 8-5. the top 4 in the order account for 8 for 18 with 3 runs and a double. Jonathan Griffin with 3 home runs in 3 games is killing it and may get called up to AAA.

A Visalia Rawhide vs Stockton Ports

The Rawhide let this game slip away in the 8th when they let the ports score 4 runs late in the 8th. for the Rawhid

A Garrett Weber

e Garrett Weber was 3 for 5, scoring 3 runs, a triple, a home run, and 5 RBI’S. that is REDONKULOUS!!!!!!!!!

Author: Nick Crawford SR

Nick Crawford – Arizona Diamondbacks beat writer for BHP Baseball
Nick Crawford joined BHP Baseball in the 2012 baseball season as the websites beat writer for the Arizona Diamondbacks. I am a baseball and softball player that plays over 200 games a year traveling all over to play in tournaments on the weekends. I have coached baseball for over 10 years at various levels including my son’s team. My passion for this game we all love is unmatched. I am a huge Florida sports fan across the board Marlins Dolphins Heat are my favorite teams. I am also a huge Arizona Diamondbacks fan & since Nevada doesn’t have a pro team I follow the AAA Reno Aces, the Diamondbacks farm system. If you ever want to talk Diamondbacks, or Marlins you can find Nick on Twitter @DonkeyPuncher74.

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