Should Seattle Trade Felix Hernandez?

Posted: August 15, 2012 by Codey Harrison in Uncategorized
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August 15th, 2012

Codey Harrison: Former AL CY Young winner, Current Mariners Ace Felix Hernandez threw a Perfect Game against the Tampa Bay Rays on August 15, 2012. It seems like the Rays get no-hit at least twice a year, but this maybe the first time the have been no-hit versus an elite starting pitcher. Since being signed at 16-years old Hernandez has had start written all over him, he even made his MLB debut at only 19 years of age.  Hernandez has always been plagued by notoriously bad Mariners offenses, during his CY Young season despite a 2.27 ERA Felix only had a 13-12 record due to little, to no run support.

It’s easy to see why scouts drooled over Hernandez as a teenager, and still drool over him to this day, has his repitore consists of a fastball that sits 93-97 MPH, that’s complimented with a 88-92 MPH Change-Up ,Felix also features two breaking balls a 89-91  MPH slider with great tilt, and a hammer power curve which sits 82-85 MPH with very tight spin. Through his younger years the Mariners limited Felix to a maximum amount of sliders that Hernandez could throw per start believing that it could help avoid arm problems. Nobody ever blamed the Mariners for that as any team with a talent like King Felix would want to protect at all costs.

Every year Felix Hernandez always appears to be in trade rumors, but will it ever happen? Some believe Felix should be traded to gain multiple elite prospects in return, while others belive the Mariners should try to lock Hernandez up long-term, and build a team around him. While at this point neither of those possibilities are right, or wrong as it’s entirely to early to tell. The believed asking price for a team to acquire Felix Hernandez would likely require at least 3 Five Star Prospects, 1 current MLB starting pitcher, and a current MLB position player, and some executives might say that return isn’t enough for Felix Hernandez.

For now no one knows what will happen to Felix Hernandez in the future, but on a day like August 15th, 2012 it’s time to just enjoy the amazing feat the Felix Hernandez accomplished. 27 up, and 27 down for Felix Hernandez and the Mariners. Marking a MLB record for Perfect games in a season with 3 (Felix Hernandez, Phil Humber , & Matt Cain).

From the entire BHP Baseball team we congratulate Felix Hernandez on throwing the 23rd Perfect Game in MLB History.

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